About Samantha Emmeline Slater

What can I say about Samantha Emmeline Slater? 

She's a 19-year old young woman who moves from Ft. Worth to take a job at the small Lowell's Crossing newspaper, The Lone Star.

She prefers to be called "Sam."

She's impatient with Tom Hill, her co-worker, but eventually falls for his small town charm.  Will there be a romance?  Well, we'll have to wait and see.

She's feisty, headstrong, curious, bull-headed and not willing to rest until she gets to the bottom of the truth.  Did I mention she's headstrong?

She LOVES horses, and isn't so quick to blame Black Devil for his owner's death.

She's willing to take chances to prove that she's right.

What does she look like?  She's a dark-haired beauty, more apt to wear plain cotton than watered-silk.  All that printing ink makes such a mess!

Since Samantha never sat still long enough for me to photograph her, this is a likeness.

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