Rave Reviews for Lone Star Death

Note:  Lone Star Death was previously published as Lone Star State of Death back in 2006.  The contents and story line were unchanged.  Only formatting errors were corrected.

Individual Reviews:

LONE STAR STATE OF DEATH is a history mystery with a well-researched Texas setting and fine cast of characters, including Sam(antha) Slater, a sleuth with gumption and a sense of humor. This is a debut you don't want to miss." Bill Crider, mystery author and professor, Alvin, Texas

"LOVED the book!" Michael M., Texas

"It made me laugh out loud, the mystery was good because I didn't figure out who did it until the end. It was fun, a good read, I wanted more!" Betty G., Texas

"I really enjoyed this one! Couldn't put it down..." Lou R., Texas

"Just couldn't put it down! I really liked the details -- the meals, the scenes and true to Texas observations." Debbie B., Texas

"I really loved your book!" Elaine S., Texas

"Wow! I really enjoyed reading your book! It is all your fault that I didn't get enough sleep this week because I kept staying up just a little later to read just a little more -- the twists you threw in there were great! Well done." Barbara T., Louisiana.



5.0 out of 5 Stars -- An inventive tale of deceit, thrills, and colorful characters, June 12, 2006
Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)
This review is from: LONE STAR STATE OF DEATH: An 1880's Texas Mystery (Paperback).
Lone Star State Of Death by Bobbi Ann Chukran is the intriguing tale of journalist Samantha Slater in her new move to a small town in Texas and immediate assignment to cover a local murder mystery. When Samantha's boss, George Stanley, is suspiciously killed by a runaway horse, Lone Star State Of Death takes swift turns through an increasingly thickening plot as the mystery surrounding recent happenings, envelope Sam's life in the intricacies of finding the truth. Lone Star State Of Death is very highly recommended reading for mystery buffs with a preference to murder mysteries featuring an inventive tale of deceit, thrills, and colorful characters.


5.0 out of 5 stars Great Texas story, September 18, 2006
Elizabeth Slater (North Florida)

This review is from: LONE STAR STATE OF DEATH: An 1880's Texas Mystery (Paperback).
I have been reading a lot of mysteries that take place in Texas since moving here a year ago. This one intrigued me further by sharing my surname - Slater. Samantha Slater is a young woman who does not wait for her life to come to her - she goes out to make her own. The mystery begins on Samantha's arrival in a small town to begin her new job as assistant editor to the local newspaper. But before she is able to meet her new boss, he is brought in to the newspaper office fatally injured by his favorite horse. Abruptly realizing that she is now the editor in chief, she decides that the editor's death is the news to report. However, when she begins questioning the locals, all she ends up with are more questions. I really enjoyed this story of Texas in the 1800's. Chukran's character development is wonderful - you really begin to see the people as the story unfolds. The final question is this: Will Samantha survive to write her next story?

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