Setting of Lone Star Death

The tiny town of Rice's Crossing, Texas served as inspiration for the setting of LONE STAR   DEATH. Here are a few photos from the area. It looks much the same today as it did back then in the 1880s.

Also, back then cotton was king, just as it is today.

In the book, the heroine, Samantha (Sam) Slater, was born in Ft. Worth and worked there for a while. Here's a photo of how Ft. Worth, called COWTOWN, looked in the 1880's.

In the book, the newspaper owner and his wife, Matty, live in a gorgeous, two-story farmhouse outside town. The house is featured several times in the book. The Barr Mansion is a Victorian farmhouse near Austin. As I wrote the book, I pictured this house and used it for inspiration for Matty's house. I was lucky enough to be able to attend several events at the Barr Mansion back when we lived in Austin.

Another scene in the book takes place at a little white church. This church, located in New Sweden, TX, was the inspiration for the one in the book.

And here's an old postcard of downtown Austin. This is what the town looked like in 1915, showing the completed capital building, which was being built during the time of my story.

Several real businesses that existed then feature in my story line.

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