Synopsis of Lone Star Death

When Samantha Emmeline Slater stepped off the train at Lowell's Crossing, Texas, for her new job at the local newspaper, the Lone Star, little did she know that within a day, she would become the editor and get involved in a local mystery, and in the process, uncover more than a few family secrets of her own.

When George Stanley, the ornery owner of the paper, is killed by a runaway horse, most people in town couldn't care less. But Sam's nose for news is twitchin', and she feels there's more to the story than meets the eye. Feisty, independent, and not willing to look the other way, will she survive a poisonous snake, a dastardly bushwhacking, and poisonous punch to get to the truth?

Was George really killed by his favorite horse -- Black Devil -- gone loco, or was it a human villain who did him in? Suspects are a-plenty! Filled with colorful characters straight from the Old West, LONE STAR DEATH is part action-adventure tale and part suspenseful murder mystery where almost everybody's got something to hide (with a little light-hearted romance thrown in for good measure).

This Texas history mystery will thrill fans of the traditional western as well as those who love historical mysteries and regional tall tales. What else could you ask for? Twists? Well, of course there are twists! There are more twists than you can shake a stick at!

Note:  This book is rated PG-12.  Highly suitable for older middle grade and young adult readers. 

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